Sitecues Product Overview

Sitecues® is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology for website owners.
Websites with Sitecues are easier for people with diverse abilities to read, hear, and use.
Website visitors can customize their experience – by applying page magnification, speech, reading enhancements,
and personal settings — without impacting other visitors.

Sitecues badge expands 16 times in size revealing a user friendly interface to control zoom, speech and personalized web page settings

Helpful Functionality

Everything to make websites easier to read, hear, use and enjoy


  • Page magnification
  • Speech
  • Focus and reading enhancements
  • Personal settings for color themes and mouse
  • Many ways for users to navigate and control

Supports Diverse Needs

Flexible tools that benefit a wide range of users and situations

  • Seniors and boomers: age-related loss of vision, dexterity, cognition
  • Low vision: non-correctable eye conditions
  • Low literacy and non-native English
  • Learning disabilities: ADHD, dyslexia
  • Anyone with situational need: eye fatigue, low light, small displays

Easy to Use

Designed to be simple and intuitive for a first-time user


  • Simple two-button interface
  • Appears as a website feature
  • No download or extra steps required
  • Functions are easily discoverable
  • Audio and visual tips

Simple Setup and Maintenance


  • A turnkey solution for any website, anytime
  • No need for a website redesign
  • One-step install – as easy as adding Google Analytics to your website
  • Does not require any technical resources or integration
  • Maintenance and updates included with ongoing service

Enterprise Platform

Built for large scale government and enterprise customers


  • Global availability
  • Multi-language
  • Scalable back-end architecture
  • Robust security and PCI, HIPA compliance
  • Customer portal with metrics