The Product

Enable, Empower and Retain Customers

Sitecues® is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology for website owners. Websites with sitecues are easier for people with diverse abilities to read, hear, and use. Website visitors can customize their experience – by applying page magnification, speech, reading enhancements, and personal settings -- without impacting other visitors. Sitecues can be added to any existing website without a redesign. No technical resources are required from our customers. Maintenance and updates are included as part of our ongoing service. Enterprise customers benefit from advanced security, platform scalability, and metrics. Tiered pricing accommodates organizations ranging from small non-profits to the Fortune 1000. Deployments can span a single page or a full web domain. Website features include:
  • Multi-language, supporting 23 languages plus dialects
  • Browser & OS agnostic, with touch and mobile coming soon
  • Keyboard and screen reader accessible
  • Section 508 and WCAG compliant
Sitecues is designed to be simple and intuitive for a first-time user. User enhancements include:
  • Full page zoom
  • Natural speech
  • Color themes: high contrast, dark, warm
  • Mouse size and color adjustment
  • Highlights on areas of interest
  • Lens that reformists text for easy reading
See our user guide for more details. Download our product brochure. Request Demo

Helpful functionality

Supports diverse needs

Easy to Use

Simple setup and maintenance

Flexible an affordable pricing

Enterprise platform