Sitecues User Feedback

David Young on November 2016

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User feedback helps us here at Sitecues in a number of ways. We learn about user needs on different types of websites. We also see how needs very and compare across browsers and operating systems. User feedback allows us to give our customers tangible proof of the benefit of having accessibility tolls to their websites. […]

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Accessibility in Airports

George Spohn on November 2016

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At the AAAE’s Airport Innovation Forum, I was struck by how many key insights and trends relate to the topic of accessibility. By better serving people with disabilities, airports can tackle some of the challenges they face, and leverage new technology for innovation. […]

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Making Accessibility Relevant

David Young on September 2016

Making accessibility relevant

It is important for any web accessibility project to ensure usability for many types of web users. Accessibility efforts will be more effective if usability AND regulatory compliance are pursued together. […]

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Expanding the Circle of Accessibility

David Young on May 2016

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Sitecues is taking a different, more expansive approach to assistive technology and accessibility. We are working to “expand the circle” so that more users and more organizations receive the benefit of improved accessibility. […]

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Designing Websites for Individuals with Low Vision Begins with NoCoffee

Seth Holladay on August 2015

NoCoffee vision simulator screenshot

Creating a website to encompass accessibility for conditions you have never experienced can be challenging. A Sitecues engineer has created a low vision simulator called NoCoffee which allows any website to be seen with the effects of a range of vision conditions. Read more to find out how and why it was developed and how […]

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An Imperfect Union: Seniors, Vision Impairment, and the Internet

Marc Zablatsky on February 2015

low vision by Age infographic

Seniors are the largest population in the United States that do not use the internet at a staggering 41%. For the 59% of seniors that do use the internet, many have hurdles due to vision loss and struggle to use websites. Many website developers have been leaving this significant demographic’s potential untapped in their designs. […]

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Diabetes: A Fast Growing Source of Vision Issues

Marc Zablatsky on November 2014

Causes of low vision: aging, eye diseases, hereditary conditions, injuries, other medical conditions (e.g. diabetes), and temporary conditions (e.g. eye fatigue)

In the United States, it was estimated by the CDC in 2014 that 29.1 million people had diabetes. Additionally, the number of diabetes cases is rising and it can also cause vision loss. Find out how those with diabetes-related vision loss are affected by a lack of web accessibility. […]

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