The Team

collage of sitecues staff pictures Sitecues is from VFO, the maker of JAWS and ZoomText. For more than 40 years, we have been a leading global assistive technology provider for the visually impaired. The VFO brands, Ai Squared, Freedom Scientific and Optelec, have a long history of providing innovative solutions to help blind and low vision individuals reach their full potential. VFO customers include government agencies, small business, Fortune 500 enterprises, and individual consumers. VFO products are available in more than 70 countries worldwide.


Marc Zablatsky

Vice President and General Manager

Marc brings a 20 year track record of accelerating revenue growth and strengthening operations for entrepreneurial companies that leverage technology and serve Fortune 1000 organizations. Marc's business adventures outside the US include opening consulting practices in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia and managing a half billion dollar brand for the largest retailer in Southeast Asia. Marc is a strong supporter of social enterprise ventures. He was CEO of Fitness Forward, COO of Management Leadership for Tomorrow and served as President of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston. He also co-created the CEO Roundtable speaker series to promote the sharing and exploration of marketing and brand building best practices. Marc holds a BS from Babson College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Aaron Leventhal

Director of Product Management

Aaron is recognized for significant Web and software accessibility solutions and has led the way in industry adoption of accessibility standards. Aaron has served as an accessibility architect for IBM and Mozilla Firefox, a steward of the WAI-ARIA standard for accessibility of Web applications, and is a pioneer in Braille publishing software.

David Young

Director of Marketing

David drives sitecues’ marketing efforts, including all digital and traditional marketing, lead generation, and go-to-market strategy. David has over 15 years of experience in a number of marketing and strategy roles in high tech. Prior to sitecues, David worked in operational roles and as a management consultant for Cartesian (NASDAQ: CRTN). While with Cartesian, David led over 100 client engagements, primarily focused on market assessment, product commercialization and data analytics. David has also managed marketing and operations for a number of consulting practices. David is a Zoomtext user who holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of California San Diego and a B.A. from Williams College.


Kimberly Cline

Director of Sales, USA

Kimberly has been in the assistive technology field for 25 years. She has provided training, assessments, and product sales to the VA, Helen Keller National, Braille Institute, Lighthouse for the Blind, Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Commission for the Blind, Easter Seals, CCB, NFB, UCB, and many other organizations Kimberly handles sales relationships for all of Ai Squared products, including sitecues.

George Spohn

Regional Sales Manager, Eastern Region, USA

George has deep roots and relationships in the telecommunications industry along with government and commercial clientele. His background includes being part of a team that enhanced Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) services for the hearing impaired. He has supervised teams of customer service representatives with visual impairments and was responsible for evaluating and providing assistive technologies to meet their varied needs. George has been published in numerous Telecom and IT periodicals, has spoken at many conferences and exhibitions, and served as a guest lecturer for the Carnegie-Mellon University CIO Institute. Additionally, George has served on the Board of Directors of the Mobile Satellite Users Association.

John Carlin

Library Market Manager

John Carlin is the Market Manager for Libraries at Sitecues. John works to deliver Sitecues and the full range of Ai Squared solutions to libraries and library networks. John has been involved with Assistive Technology since 2009. John’s career includes over 20 years in solution sales of software and wireless. John holds a BA from the University of Cincinnati.


Brian Lima

Software Architect

Brian is responsible for designing the SaaS application platform including data management, TTS synthesis, metrics gathering, and reporting. He has extensive experience with 80TB+ Hadoop clusters, Flume, HIVE, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFormation, EC2, Vertica and routine processing of data sets with row counts for redundant mission critical -- soft real time applications. Brian is also exploring the true real time world with RT Os's and RT Java. He is currently working on physical and software solutions to accommodate relativistic time dilation and technical drift in highly time synchronization dependent applications including synchronized magnetic field feedback experiments.

Seth Holladay

Full Stack Software Engineer

Seth is our audio and web programming expert - he designs many of our internal systems and frequently wears the DevOps hat. He holds a certification in Node.js systems development and has co-founded companies in music and web technology. Seth has been deeply into engineering since childhood, including making computers and winning an MIT design contest in middle school for building a wind powered vehicle. He is passionate about the user experience, and also funds and participates in open source projects on a regular basis.

Graham Radetsky

Software Engineer

Graham has a background in web programming and backend Java web applications including front end jQuery Mobile, jQuery, and JavaScript expertise. He has 2.5 years of experience at Cisco Systems as a Software Engineer working on products to help simplify large enterprise networks into a single product solution. Specifically, Graham worked on creating customizable accessibly ready web based portals allowing users to register user access, provision them and manage their permissions.

Ben Hallion

Software Engineer

Ben works on our front-end JavaScript code and the automated testing infrastructure that ensures the quality of our software achieves the high standards we set for it. He has a background in computer science and mathematics.

Marc Solomon

Accessibility Engineer

Marc has over a decade of experience as an accessibility professional. His background and expertise includes screen readers, screen magnifiers, voice recognition and accessible web design. Marc has delivered national training programs, presentations and workshops on accessible technology and has also managed numerous accessibility software projects for a variety of organizations and brands.

Alexander Polunin

QA Engineer

Alex is a quality assurance engineer who uses a variety of QA testing methodologies to execute manual and automated tests to confirm functionality performance of sitecues. He creates and execute test plans, test scripts and test cases, as well as assists in isolating issues that may occur during the development or release cycles.