From the makers of ZoomText.

Reach and delight more people with zoom & speech built right into your site.

Accessibility with ROI

Improved user experience means more page views, more completed transactions and more filled-in forms, which translates into new customers and increased customer loyalty.

Simple SaaS Integration

A powerful and secure cloud-based SaaS solution.

Simple SaaS Integration
A powerful and secure cloud-based SaaS solution.
One step implementation
One JavaScript tag to include in a page header – with low impact on your resources.
Flexible licensing and support
Deliver assistive technology easily and quickly to multiple sites.
Secure and reliable
Follow PCI best practice standards.

Easy to Use

Simple intuitive built-in features make content easier to see, hear, and use on every page of your website.

Instant gratification; no download required; it just works like any other site feature.

Reach More Users

Reach the 95% of those with disabilities who are not served by traditional assistive technology.
Make your website accessible and usable to 100M+ potential users that have difficulties accessing and using the web because of age related diminished vision, severe low vision, reading difficulties such as dyslexia, literacy challenges and non-native speakers.


Finally get metrics on users with disabilities who visit your site.

Organizations can now answer some basic questions:
How many people with disabilities are using my site?
What pages give users with disabilities the most trouble?
What is the buying power of this user group?

Truly Equal Access

Offer free assistive technology to anyone who uses your site.

Reach and engage people of all ages, with vision, learning and language challenges.

Go Beyond Compliance

With zoom and speech built right into your site. Accessibility is more than making a website compliant. Go beyond compliance and reach more users with zoom and speech built right into your website.